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Crazy Love

March 5, 2021
It has been said that one of our greatest needs is to know that we are loved. Each of us has to feel, deep in our hearts, someone loves us and cares for us. That is how God designed us. And God wants us to know that He loves us. God’s love for us is intense, unsatisfied with only pieces

Moving On

February 2, 2021
A young man came to speak with a pastor because, according to his point of view, there was something in creation that made no sense. The pastor attended him, eager to know what the failure in the Creation was. “Pastor, nature is incredibly beautiful, everything has its reason for being. But in my point of view, there is one thing

Catch the Foxes of Discouragement

September 10, 2020
During this quarantine season due to the coronavirus pandemic most of us have been upset and frustrated, at least once. Not being able to work or go to school, shop in stores you like and eat at restaurants, meet people you like, give hugs or shake hands, go to church to worship with other Christian followers, etc. This frustrates and

Moving Forward in Hope

September 7, 2020
Charles Allen, a United Methodist minister based in Atlanta, Georgia once penned: “When you say a situation or a person is hopeless, you are slamming the door in the face of God.” Of all the years we have lived, 2020 may be the one in which we need to be reminded of this truth. The God who parted the Red

Seeing the Unseen Christ

April 6, 2020
How His presence transforms life Please imagine this scene: It’s Sunday morning, and you are in church. Sunlight streaming in through the windows of the garden. People are entering, and the organist is playing a prelude. Suddenly, there He is, sitting on the first pew. At first, not everyone sees him. But quickly, by whispers all are soon made aware.

Foundations for a New Year

January 28, 2020
A new year begins and with it comes the hope of a new moment in our lives. How will we live it? What will our life stand on as we face the realities that will come this new year? Which fundamentals will give us a firm foundation? Let’s explore the basic foundations that God offers to help us develop our