When Dreams are Delayed

March 11, 2019

Edmund Hillary was born in 1919. He grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, and always had interest in climbing mountains. After climbing several mountains in New Zealand, he went to the Himalaya Mountains, where he climbed 11 different mountains above 20,000 feet. In 1951, Edmund Hillary joined a British Team who was trying to climb the Mt. Everest, but they failed. After a time, Edmund Hillary came to the USA to give a conference at a university. When he entered through the main hall of the university building, to his surprise, there was a large picture of Mt. Everest painted on the wall. He stood in front of the picture for a while. And then he said: "You have already grown everything you could grow… I still have a lot to grow." Six months later he reached the top of Mt. Everest — the highest point on earth. His dream had come true.

Many have left their dreams behind. They have become nightmares. Many have made a funeral service of their dreams. The dreams we are talking about are more than illusions or fantasies. The dreams we are talking about are inspired by God and his purpose for our lives. These dreams bring meaning to life because they take us further than we can even think or imagine. These dreams motivate us to continue even in the face of difficult.

Perhaps you have dreamed, and difficult circumstances have fought against you, trying to make you give up. Dreams are sometimes postponed or delayed because God has a more important dream to fulfill in our lives. So, be still and stay calm. Believe God is using this time of delay to work his dream in you.

David wrote in Psalm 27:13-14 “I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; yes, wait for the Lord.” God wants you to get where God wants you to go more than you want to get where God wants you to go! So, take a deep breath, enjoy the journey, and know that God will get you there when you’re ready to get there. Don’t give up! Continue to DREAM! Be bold in your dreams trusting in God, and in His timing.

Pastor Norberto Obermann

Boldness to Dream Again

February 15, 2019

Dreams often are whispers of God's voice. It's a creative way He uses to have relationship and to communicate with us. Dreams from God are an expression of His heart. When we were young, we believed we could be anyone… and we were: explorers, athletes, movie actors, etc. whatever we could imagine. We weren’t afraid to dream. We were full of wonder and life, but something happened; we stop dreaming.

When we stop dreaming something dies, we stop living. When we begin to dream again it seems that life returns, and we have a new chapter in the book of our life. God give us the ability to dream, not a nostalgic or unrealistic dream, but a real and exciting DREAM. God’s dreams give direction to our life. God’s dreams help us to focus and choose correctly. God’s dreams give us hope and revives the energy within our being. God wants to write on our hearts the plans he has for us; so why not dream again and believe again? It is never too late. Dale Turner said, “Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities and new beauty waiting to be born.”

We don’t put our trust in circumstances or people. Our trust remains in the Lord. God is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ask or think. So, don’t let anything hold you back. Don’t let anyone keep you from dreaming. The dreams God has given you are treasures worth living for. Have faith in God. Believe in Him and listen to his voice. Be boldness to dream again!!!

Pastor Norberto Obermann

The Most Important Task

January 22, 2019

It’s not the expensive school located in Cambridge, Massachusetts called “The Massachusetts Institute of Technology”. MIT stands for “Most Important Task”. It’ s a concept that challenges you to think and to define each day what is the task you most want or need to get done that day. The idea is that no matter what else you that day must do this task will have priority and must be accomplished.

But I don’t want to challenge you to think only what your MIT are for one day. I want to challenge you think and define what is “The Most Important Task of your life”. What it´s the MIT for all of us as Christian in a world that is against our values and beliefs? What it´s the MIT for each of us as a child of God, who wants to obey and please God? What should be our MIT as disciples of Jesus who want to share His love with all the people who do not know Him?

Let me suggest three tasks:
  1. Listen to the voice of God — Can we really hear the voice of God?

    God spoke the creation into existence (Genesis 1) and sustains all life by his words (Hebrews 1:3). Today he is still speaking to our hearts in “gentle whispers” (1 Kings 19:12) that create and renew life in us and around us. Jesus says in John 10:27, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me”. To hear the voice of Jesus we must first be his sheep and belong to his flock. We must be close to Him and know Him as a friend. But God is inviting us to know more than just his voice. He is inviting you to know Him. He is inviting you to enter in a relationship based on love, trust, and confidence. If you want to hear God's voice, you need to seek him. Be honest. Ask him to give you ears to hear and eyes to see the ways he is speaking to you. Read your Bible. Be quiet and focused on what He is saying.

  2. Discern the voice of God —What does it mean?
    It's no use just listening. You need to understand, to process. Putting it in other words, you must meditate. Psalm 1:2 says, “But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.” Meditation prepares us to understand what God has said, helps us to focus, understand, remember, worship, and make an application of it into our lives. Dr. Bruce Demarest writes “A quieted heart is our best preparation for all this work of God. Meditation refocuses us from ourselves and from the world so that we reflect on God’s Word, His nature, His abilities, and His works.” Meditation is not a confined life in a monastery, it’s learning to think of and hear from God in the busyness of real life.
  3. Obey the voice of God —What will I do with that?
    In order to listen to God and receive His instruction, we must want to do His will. David says in Psalm 40:8, "I desire to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart." God honors the heart that is fully surrendered to Him. If we want to hear God´s voice, first we must be ready to obey. When you listen to God and obey Him, you will discover a life that is full and rich with purpose. And you will be confident that you are following the master’s plan. For that reason, be ready to listen to His message, and be quick to obey Him.

Pastor Norberto Obermann

I'm Doing New Things

January 1, 2019
“See, I am doing a new thing!” (Isaiah 43:19)

Thanks to Christmas, we all end the year with new things—new toys for the kids, new clothes (not always the right color or size, but still new), and new pounds on our bodies. We start the year off with new things too—a new calendar on the wall, new bills to pay, and new resolutions for the days ahead. New is great. New sounds like potential and opportunity.

Everybody likes new things, including God

He says, “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?” (Isaiah 43:18-19)

At this New Year our heavenly Father wants to do new things in our lives. He desires to teach us new truths about Himself, provide new opportunities for ministering to others, take us to higher levels of worship and deeper levels of trust.

God is a God of new things and is always moving us forward

His track record is incredible. He never starts something He can't finish. He never moves without purpose. He never fails. He is faithful. As this New Year begins, we challenge you to committing yourselves to God. He offers renewed mercy with each day. He promises good plans for his people, plans that include a hopeful future. There will be new blessings, new trials, new failures, and new victories, but His goodness will guard us.

Pastor Norberto Obermann