Want to Want What Jesus Wants

Thinking like Jesus.
Speaking like Jesus
Listening like Jesus
Loving like Jesus
Sacrificing like Jesus

It's hard but that's our calling!! Jesus is and has to be the center of our lives and of the church life. The singularity, the exclusivity, the divinity of Jesus has to stand tall.

Who Jesus is? What Jesus thinks? What Jesus cares about? What Jesus died for? What Jesus calls us to do? How Jesus loves? How Jesus forgives? This is our aim as the imperfect people we are — doing our best to show the love of Jesus to others.

Our passion is to help you take your next step with Jesus…whether it's your first step back towards Jesus, or a step to go deeper in your faith.


We believe that:
  • God, creator of the universe, loves and wants to relate to each of us.
  • Jesus Christ is the Son of God sent into the world, died and rose again to draw us near to him and to promote peace in our heart
  • The Bible is the special way by which God speaks to us
  • The Christian community is the atmosphere to experience Jesus´s love and spiritual growth
  • The place where we live must be the target of the influence and love of those who follow Jesus

North Modesto Church of God is voluntarily affiliated with Church of God Ministries of Anderson, Indiana. Find out more about the movement, our beliefs & mission at:



I was born & raised in Argentina (South America) and was married to Claudia Hort from Brazil (South America) December 15th, 1990. We are parents of Luckas (married with Ana) and Pedro.

I´m blessed to have Claudia as my wife — she is loving, kind, sensitive, and faithful. Claudia is my partner and has always supported my ministry. We love to spend time together. She and our two sons holds first place in my life after the Lord.

Serving the Lord with all my heart, love, strength, mind and passion has been the best decision that I’ve made. He blessed me with the gift of forgiveness and salvation.

I don´t believe the pastor solely has “the vision for the church.” The role of the pastor is to work alongside with the congregation to discover what God wants for this church & community — and then pray & work to find ways to accomplish it. My passion and calling is to see people embrace a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Through His help and guidance I desire to use the talents the Lord has given me to accomplish this calling.

Hobbies: I love sports, traveling, watching movies and (of course) good food.


Josh was born and raised here in Modesto, CA.  He and his wife Jamie were married on December 31, 2013.  They are parents to Jacob (who serves in the Air Force), Ethan, and Emmalee.

Josh and Jamie are blessed to do all ministry work as a team.  They truly enjoy their life together as husband and wife; as well as being parents.  Their relationship with God comes first, while their marriage and family are next in priority!  They love being a part of worship!  Josh plays guitar, drums, a little keys, and sings; while Jamie plays the bass.  They enjoy co-speaking together, teaching small groups together, and Josh enjoys preaching.

Pastor Josh stated; “My dream is to have a youth group that is full of young leaders on fire for God. As leaders they will be eager to serve not only at our church but also within the community. Alongside my wife we plan to equip the youth to be able to face the day to day pressures of the world with a genuine relationship and practical knowledge of the Word of God.  It is our prayer to raise up the next generation of disciples making disciples. Whether it is at camp, going to a conference or helping those in need, we are excited to live life alongside our youth!”


Rylie Carlin

I've been attending this church ever since I was born and I'm an active member in our youth group and young adult group. I participate in the choir and help with the worship band as well. I have many responsibilities here as the office administrator. I help with things behind the scenes to make sure that Sunday Services run smoothly. These duties include making the bulletin, making powerpoints for the slides, creating song orders for the band and making sure that the prayer lists are updated. I also send out all of the phone calls, emails and texts that the church members receive with reminders throughout the week. I enjoy helping out at this church and am so glad to be given the opportunity to be on the staff here at North Modesto Church of God. If you ever need anything be sure to call me at the church office and I'll be sure to help you in any way I can.