COVID-19 has quickly spread throughout the world and has changed and transformed our daily lives. This pandemic has changed (transformed) how we live, learn, work, and communicate.


This series of messages focuses in the book of Acts and on the transformation experienced on the disciple’s lives…

From fear to courage
From prejudice to acceptance
From frustration to trust
From supporting actors to protagonist


Hello church family,

We MISS you!!! It is our prayer that everyone is safe and that we are able to return to some kind of normalcy in the weeks to come.

As leaders, our first priority is keeping our congregation safe and minimizing the spread of the virus. So, what are WE doing to be sure you are as safe as possible? Extra cleaning and sanitizing of objects and surfaces that are frequently touched, providing hand sanitizing stations and some masks. What can YOU do: You must wear a mask. Practice good hand hygiene. Stay home if you feel unwell.

We will be following the most recent state and county COVID-19 guidelines and our service WILL BE DIFFERENT. Please carefully read the following:


Greeters will still welcome you! But please, no contact, no handshakes, hugging, etc. Since ushers will seat you, according to social distancing requirements, please come early so everyone can be seated on time. Families (households) may sit together — all others should maintain social distancing.


No offering will be taken during service. Please use the drop boxes located near the sanctuary doors if you bring an offering. Otherwise, offerings can still be mailed in or given online as we have been doing using the app or at

Exiting Service

Upon leaving, you will be directed as to which sections of the sanctuary should exit by which doors. Should you want to visit after service please head out to the grass area so that you are able to keep acceptable social distance. You will not be able to stay in the lobby or garden room to chat.


The nursery will be closed and there will be no children’s church. We will incorporate a children’s story and will have some quiet activity sheets available to go along with it; however, we ask that you come prepared with things to help keep your children occupied. Youth and pioneer club are still unable to meet in person until further notice from the state/county.


We are requesting that everyone attending complete a Connect Card (located in the pews) with your name and phone each service. This is in case there are any health issues that our congregation needs to be made aware of.

Please use good judgement in considering if you will come to Sunday services. State and County guidelines encourage anyone high risk to stay home. Who’s high risk?

  • People aged 65 and over
  • High risk conditions—chronic lung disease or moderate to severe asthma; serious heart conditions; immunocompromised including cancer treatment; other medical conditions such as diabetes, renal failure or other liver disease
  • Pregnant women

Before you come, ask the self-screening questions:

  • Do I have a fever of 100.4° F, or higher, or a sense of having a fever?
  • Do I have a new cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, or new muscle aches that cannot be attributed to another health condition or physical activity?
  • Has any member of my household had fever or cough in the last 14 days?

While we are all looking forward to returning to church, we want to follow proper procedures that are currently in place. Please if you feel any concern or uneasiness about returning, then worship where you feel most comfortable. Sunday Service will be live-streamed on Facebook and DVDs are still available for pick up or by mail.

We do not want anyone to feel forced to return and we do not want to hinder those who feel ready. We ask for your prayers and help as we slowly reopen. If you have any questions, please contact the church office (209.521.9148) or email

Blessings! Keep safe and always remember GOD IS IN CONTROL and YOU ARE LOVED,
Pastor Norberto Obermann